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Care And Maintenance Guide

For routine cleaning use a soft, dry cloth to clean or buff the surface. Do not use any cleaning agents or abrasive materials as this may damage the patina.

  • Our patinas are applied with fire and are durable. Nonetheless, sharp or rough items will scratch and damage the patina. Please take precaution to protect the patina from such objects.
  • Wipe liquids off quickly to avoid oxidization of the patina.
  • To clean wax that has dropped from candles, gently wash with a soft sponge in very hot soapy water to remove the hardened wax. Then dry and buff with a clean dry cloth. Remove all excess water.
  • Bronze is a durable material and can be kept in any climate weather indoors or outdoors.
  • Note that bronze will oxidize over time and may become darker or lose its sheen. If bronze objects are kept outside, this process will be more rapid. Rain or salt water residues may leave streaks in the patina.
  • As part of our finishing process we apply various patinas to our bronze products in order to achieve the desired color and finish. After patination is complete, we apply special bronze waxes to add luster and protection to the surface and to seal the patina. We believe that the natural oxidization process creates a beautifully evolving patina over time. Adding more sealant risks creating a waxy layer on top of the patina. For more information on our patinas and waxes, please feel free to inquire.