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Introduced to the world of design in 2016, Brian Chaaban, has spent the past few years curating a collection of premium bronzewares and home furnishings. Born and raised in the dynamic city of Los Angeles, he draws inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds him. Brian's eponymous collection, "CHAABAN DESIGNS," fluently showcases his fascination with the organic forms, shapes, and intricate details found in nature.

With a deep-rooted connection to the outdoors, Brian finds solace and inspiration in the tranquility of nature—whether it's navigating hiking trails or embracing the vastness of the ocean. This profound connection fuels his artistic journey, translating the essence of nature into timeless bronze pieces.

After years of primarily using the lost wax-casting method for developing bronze forms, his work has now expanded to include brass, cast glass, marble, upholstery and lighting elements. The range of new materials reflects the growth of concept within the work produced, expressing more versatility in design with each new piece.

Brian Chaaban's artistic influences stem from the raw and brutalist styles of iconic figures like Paul Evans and Harry Balmer, as well as the modernist sculptures of Barbara Hepworth. The ethos of his collection lies in achieving a delicate balance between sculpture and functionality for each piece.

Discover the beauty and artistry of Chaaban Designs at prestigious showrooms across the United States and beyond. Explore more about his work and connect through our Contact page.